And a happy New Year

And a happy New Year

I wanted to wish a happy new year, and then this ‘The hapiness is in you’ phrase (or should I say cliche) came up into my mind. It was not always clear for me what this means, until I had realized that when feeling unsatisfied, unhappy or like something is missing, in reality we experience a misplacement of experiences, things or feelings or there is somehow a fail to notice something that is there, standing in the middle of our mind’s and heart’s space, needing to be placed somewhere in order to make sense, be useful and bring a value in our lives. Needing to be incorporated somehow in what makes us, us.

We often think or feel that something that is in our past and therefore has been somehow lost or something that is in our future and therefore is somehow not found yet, holds our happiness. It is not here with us, so we are not happy, here, now. We had or have a unique sense of our happiness, shaped by oh so many things, mostly dictated from society, others from our past- previous generations- or present, mixed with our (?) desires, wants and perceptions, and have attached it to objects, peoples, circumstances, ‘if’ situations and so on.

But noticing this is a mess and trying to bring clarity is a whole process. It is not about being extremely careful or be in a hurry and obsessed with getting rid of everything or putting everything into new boxes, hoping this way it will feel different. There are and will be boxes or no boxes, and chaos and corners that are tidy or messy, areas that are completely undiscovered and others that we know so well. And new things and experiences keep coming in.

And as much as it is about any of these separately, it is also about all these at the same time. It is about the whole scene and about the constant placing and how we move or rest into that process. It is about moving or resting with intention to keep the space of our mind and hearts as clear and open as possible. And movement or stillness is realized only in real time, in real space, in us. It is only through practicing that we perceive how to be better economists with our space, time and energy.

By exploring what that means for us and choosing again and again to do things that hold space and time in us for us and feed our energy we invest in interacting with the world in a healthy way. So I wish you get closer to what hapiness means and feels to you, in you, now. Notice how that might change, again rearrange so that it makes sense and feels good to you, for you, in you. Go where your mind wants to expand to, for whar your heart knows and desires, trust for what your consciousness chooses and hope for the unknown. Maybe that’ a way of choosing to place love in all we are, say and do, and maybe that is when all falls into place.

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

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